How to delegate work effectively?

Through my experience of working with team, i find some tips which become rule for me to delegate work to other people. Before I thought that they couldn’t work like me because their knowledge and experience. And if they didn’t meet my expected result, i will blame them.

As i join the program, i feel like i am the one who is the low responsible as i couldn’t delivery the message to get result as i want.

So How to delegate work effectively?

1. Ask for agreement if they can help

2 explain step by step how to do it

3 explain why we do each step

4 demonstrate for them

5 observe they do

all this process is how to bring the clarity to our team. Please be patient and doing correction without invalidation. Please acknowledge  them, they put their effort to help us. They need that. It is power for them also.

Through all those step, i start to work happily with them and get result as i want. And i can done a lot of work for their help